Major Activities of the IKAA

    • 01
      Academic Conferences

      The IKAA plans and hosts various academic conferences throughout the year. The institute has been planning various types of academic conferences, from small-scale academic conferences with a small number of experts, to national or international conferences. The IKAA’s goal is to establish itself as a research hub in Korean ancient history and archaeology.

    • 02

      The IKAA holds a colloquium that invites leading scholars of Korean ancient history and archeology almost every month. The IKAA look forward to learning new ideas as well as acquiring knowledge in the field through free discussion in a comfortable atmosphere.

    • 03
      Archaeology Academy

      Archaeology Academy is an educational program mainly for college students. The IKAA select research students on a semester basis and hold regular seminars to study the history of research along with reading Chinese characters. The aim is to help students to become experts by accumulating basic competencies in research of archaeology and Korean ancient history.

    • 04
      Online Activities

      With the spread of COVID-19 and the advent of a non-contact era, demand for digital content is increasing in both Korea and the international community. Therefore, the IKAA has opened a YouTube channel in 2020, providing various achievements. In addition to academic content, the IKAA has been planning to provide YouTube content such as various public lectures and symposium.

    • 05
      Publication of Books

      The IKAA has been publishing the achievements accumulated through many years of research projects as a series and providing them to the academia. A total of four series have been published, and the fifth series will be published in the first half of 2021. The IKAA has been publishing research books on Korean ancient history as well as each region of Eurasia which are hard to find in Korea.

    • 06
      Publication of Issue Paper

      The IKAA has been publishing issue papers every quarter for the quick delivery of various data and information on Korean ancient history and various regions of Eurasia. The issue paper organizes and introduces the latest research achievements in Eurasian countries as well as various activities of the IKAA, which is provided for free of charge through webzines and social media. The IKAA has been constantly updating new information to provide the latest information on each region of the Silk Road on the website.